Install Syncthing on Uberspace 6 on a Subdomain

This short tutorial explains how to install Syncthing on a Uberspace. It is based on the Tutorial from Max Haesslein. Thanks Max!

Download and Install Newest Syncthing Version

Connect to your uberspace:

$ ssh <user>@<uberspace>

Download the newest Syncthing version:

$ cd ~/etc/  

Extract the file (eXtract Ze Files!) and move it to its own folder:

$ tar -xzf <FILENAME>
$ mv <FILENAME> syncthing/

Link it to your binaries folder and start it once:

$ ln -s ~/etc/syncthing/syncthing ~/bin/syncthing
$ syncthing

Close the program with CTRL-C

Prepare Uberspace

Get the ports we are going to use for GUI and sync:

$ uberspace-add-port -p tcp --firewall
🚀  All good! Opened tcp port <PORT1>.
$ uberspace-add-port -p both --firewall
🚀  All good! Opened tcp port <PORT2>.

Add a subdomain to make your Syncthing easily accessible; also make sure it is possible to connect through HTTPS:

$ uberspace-add-domain sync.<DOMAIN>.de
$ uberspace-letsencrypt
$ letsencrypt certonly

Don’t forget to add the subdomain to your domain registrar DNS records aswell, so it gets redirected correctly!

Now create the corresponding folder on the Uberspace:

$ mkdir /var/www/virtual/<UBERSPACE>/sync.<DOMAIN>.de

Edit the .htaccess so it sends you to the correct port:

$ vim /var/www/virtual/<UBERSPACE>/sync.<DOMAIN>.de/.htaccess
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule (.*) http://localhost:<PORT1>/$1 [P]

Modify the Syncthing Config File

Find the GUI entry and replace the port with :

<gui enabled="true" tls="false" debugging="false">

Find the options entry and replace the port with :


Setup Syncthing as a Service

If you don’t have any services running, you have to setup the Daemon Tools first: Uberspace Wiki, Daemon Tools

After setting up the services, you can add Syncthing as a Service and start it:

$ uberspace-setup-service syncthing ~/bin/syncthing
$ svc -u ~/services/synthing

That’s it! You now have a Syncthing service running on Uberspace! Ideal for private documents you don’t want to have the NSA to have.