This page is a collection of tips and tricks about things I have learned and found in the past. Since I am living in Germany, some of the tips may not be useful for everyone.

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Services on the internet


Tecspace is a hosting provider and domain registrar. I buy and manage my domains through their service. It is extremely cheap, costing only 2,50 EUR per year, if you have 10 or more domains. I love their admin interface. It is simple, behaves like a website should behave (no JavaScript shenanigans) and still very powerful.


Uberspace is a hosting provider. They offer a shared hosting experience that is a little bit more limited than a root server. However, their support is amazing and it’s a super good place to host for tinkerers and small projects. Highly recommended. Check out my Tutorials or the Uberlab for U7 for things you can do on your Uberspace!

Things I am using on Uberspace


Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo (macOS)

Affinity produces competitors to the popular Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator: Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo (you can also buy them directly from the App Store). These two programs are exceptional. You can do basically everything you can do with their Adobe counterparts, but they only cost 55 EUR each. No subscriptions, no recurring fees. The interface is polished and if you are an Adobe user you will be right at home. Quit Adobe today. Don’t let them milk you.