This page provides an overview for my current projects. Not many of them are finished. This page can be understood as a public commitment, since I really want to work on these projects and have to take the time for them.


Every German person coding wonders at one point: why are our squared and squiggly brackets in such a weird position. Yoga for the hands. Steffen Br├╝ntjen created a solutions that works really well. I updated it to his specs (v1.3) and released my own, personalized version (v1.4).


I made a new years resolution to work on my coding projects. I am measuring it with GitHub contributions. So I was looking for an app to track the progress. I forked Remi Roberts project and started working on it. But after trying different things, I felt that the code base makes a lot of smaller mistakes (like parsing HTML with a RegEx), is overall not really clean and also was written two years ago for an older Swift version. So I created my own project from scratch to alleviate this problem.